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Metaphysics continues asking “why” where science leaves off. For example, any theory of fundamental physics is based on some set of axioms, which may postulate the existence of entities such as atoms, particles, forces, charges, mass, or fields. Stating such postulates is considered to be the “end” of a science theory. Metaphysics takes these postulates and explores what they mean as human concepts. For example, do all theories of physics require the existence of space and time, objects, and properties? Or can they be expressed using only objects, or only properties? Do the objects have to retain their identity over time or do they change? If they change, then are they still the same object? Is the distinction between objects and properties fundamental to the physical world or to our perception of it?

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I’ll leave it up to the reader to determine whether this section is of any interest to them but it is included for completeness as many of our friends and customers will certainly have an interest.


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